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Invisalign in Hoboken

At the office of Marc L. Melnick, DDS, we make it easier than ever to benefit from the revolutionary new treatment that’s a convenient, pain-free alternative to traditional metal braces. Rather than relying on painful metal wires and brackets that need constant tightening and attention, the Invisalign system uses clear, comfortable aligners that can be removed when necessary, and fit even the busiest lifestyle.

If you suffer from a crooked, misaligned, improperly spaced, or misshapen smile, you know that the effects of these problems are more than merely an aesthetic issue. Many people go through life without correcting these issues, many of which begin in childhood or adolescence, and may worsen as time goes on. Misaligned and improperly spaced teeth don’t function in the same way as teeth that don’t have these issues, and may cause discomfort or difficulty with chewing, or even speaking properly. They also are more prone to buildup of bacteria, inviting infection, and may contribute to chronic problems with the jaw and even the sinus cavities above the upper teeth.

If you’re ready to consider Invisalign in Hoboken as a solution to these problems that can affect patients of any age, it’s time to schedule a visit to the extraordinary, compassionate dental team at the office of Marc L. Melnick, DDS. With over 20 years in practice, we’re a family-owned facility that puts the health and well-being of our patients above all else, continually striving to provide quality care that fits both your budget and your lifestyle. With convenient evening and weekend hours, flexible payment plans, and most insurance providers accepted, there’s no excuse to keep putting off the straighter, whiter smile you’ve always wanted. Call today for your consultation!

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